Oli Sykes Jumping Out Of A Plane At Nova Rock Festival

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes is planning to top the band's performance at Download Festival tomorrow with an, erm, unusual route to stage at Nova Rock Festival in Austria.

Instead of walking from the dressing room to the stage the singer is being taken up to four thousand feet by the festival organisers and Red Bull...and then being thrown out!

He will be strapped to an experienced sky-diver (we hope) and will be free-falling for a minute before the parachute opens (again, we hope). Sykes will be hitting speeds of 200 km/h and will be filmed from the air as well as the ground. That footage will be on the Main Stage screens, so he'd better not cry like a girl or anything!

After landing he'll have less than half an hour before performing a full set. You know, normal Monday
afternoon stuff.


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